We are very proud to manufacture our products in –house in Wayne, N.J. Our product line has expanded over the years and continues to grow. We offer five different types of parking lot bumpers for cars and trucks. Precast steps have become extremely popular because of their cost and timeliness of installation. Furthermore, concrete planks for masonry steps have become increasingly utilized. We offer many sizes of concrete air condition bases. In addition, wall coping, window sills and many other types of custom concrete work have expanded our product line.
The concrete we use is produced with a TYPE III High Early Cement. We use pea gravel and mason sand. All products are reinforced with steel rebar and a minimum of 5000 psi compressive strength.


Concrete Bumpers

Spartans - 7” High x 9 ¼ ” Wide x 6 FT. Long with drainage slots on bottom Approx. Weight - 273 lbs.
Contemporaries - 7” High x 8” Wide x 6 FT. Long with NO drainage Approx. Weight - 217 lbs.
Mini – Spartans 5” High x 8” Wide x 6 FT. Long with drainage Approx. Weight - 185 lbs.
Grecians 8” High x 11” Wide x 6 FT. Long with Drainage – AKA Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers Approx. Weight - 370 lbs.
Trojans 7” High x 9” Wide x 8 FT. LONG with NO Drainage Approx. Weight - 325 lbs.

*All Bumpers are Reinforced with 2 REBARS*

Each precast concrete step is custom manufactured for residential or commercial properties. We offer free itemized estimates including step removal, actual precast steps, and railings. Each step is broom swept for a non-skid surface. In addition, each step has a nice rounded lip of a finished product. Each riser is 7 inches and each tread is 12 inches.

We offer precast steps which are 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet wide. The number of steps or risers depends on the actual height from the ground to the bottom of the door sill. Moreover, the precast steps can come with a landing up to 4 Ft. at the top. On the 4 Ft. wide steps, the porch can be up to 5 Ft. deep and closed in the back for sideways access into the house or building. Precast steps are adaptable for the front, back, side and for other uses in the back yard or between steps.

Finally, we offer the option of rebuilding broken sidewalks or patios. We can pour new walks and patios if desired. FREE ESTIMATES are given promptly.

Concrete Planters

Planters are available for homes, businesses, and municipalities. Each planter is 27” high with a 20” base and 30” opening on top. The side walls and floor are 3” thick.

Park Benches

Park Benches are great for backyards, commercial outdoor lunch facilities, and for municipalities and parks for public usage. Benches are 6 Feet long with 8 wood slats per bench. Concrete bench ends and pressure treated wood slats may be purchased separately. Hardware is included with all bench ends. We can deliver the benches and assemble upon request.

Wall Coping

Wall Coping are available in any length from 1 to 12 Feet long. In addition, we offer 10”, 12” and 14” widths on the coping. The thickness is 4” tapered down to 3” with a rounded taper.

Precast Concrete PLANKS

We manufacture steel reinforced planks which range from 12 inched to 24 inches wide up to 12 feet long. Special planks are also available.

Concrete Air Condition Bases

AC Bases to fit any and all Air Condition units. Please call us for a list of sizes.

Cemetery Plaque Bases

Available in a variety of sizes for all styles and sizes of monument markers.


We manufacture concrete lintels 4” by 8” from 2 FT. to 12 FT. Long. Reinforced with steel rebar.


Over the more than 35 years in business, we have taken on a variety of specialty concrete projects ranging from 50 lbs. to as much as 7500 lbs. Consequently, with our experience, we are willing to take on almost any custom concrete work. Please call us to discuss any unique precast concrete products.